6 pin Din Cable

  • Mini Din 6 pin PS2 KVM Mouse Cable

    Keyboard 6 pin mini Din plug to MD6 pin Cable

    1) Supports bi-directional serial data transfer between host and peripheral

    2)Straight-thru wiring (i.e. pin 1 to pin 1) per industry standards

    3)Shielded wire to prevent EMI/RFI interference

    4)Connect your mouse or keyboard to a switchbox or multiplexor

  • Mini DIN 6 Pin Male to Female Extension CablePS/2 MDIN-6 Male to Female Cable

    PS2 Keyboard Mini Din 6 male to female Cable

    1) Straight-thru wiring (i.e. pin 1 to pin 1) per industry standards

    2)Molded 6-Pin Mini-DIN connectors pre-installed (MD6 Male / MD6 Female)

    3)Superior molded cables with foil-shielding for maximum EMI/RFI protection

    4)Extends your existing PS/2 mouse or keyboard cable

  • MD6 pin spiltter cable

    Splitter 6 pin mini Din male to dual MD6 female Cable

    1) PS/2 Y-cable to split PS/2 into two Mini DIN 6 connections

    2)Fully molded and shielded to prevent EMI/RFI interference

    3)Nickel-plated connectors provide reliable contact

    4)Ideal for notebooks/ laptops that have only one PS2 port, in order to add a Keyboard and Mouse.

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