5 pin Din Cable

  • 4 X RCA Phono to 5 Pin DIN Midi Plug Audio Cable4 ports RCA to 5 pin Din splitter cable

    Custom Din 5 pin to 4 x RCA Phono Audio Splitter Cable

    1) 2 of the RCA connectors are used for an audio input and the other 2 are used for an audio output.

    2)Screened cable (shielded) prevents interference and reduces noise and crosstalk from other sources that may be situated around the cable.

    3)Durable PVC jacket helps to protect the cable against wear and tear.

    4)Ideal for audio connections from a 5 pin din connection to 4 separate devices such as speakers with a RCA phono plug connections

  • 5 pin DIN socket to 2 x RCA plugs Audio Cabledin 5-pin female to 2x rca phono male adaptor Lead

    Custom Din 5 pin to dual RCA Phono Audio Splitter Cable

    1)2 RCA to DIN 5 Pin Female Stereo Audio Y Cable for Bang & Olufsen, Naim, Quad Stereo Systems

    2)2 RCA audio signal to MIDI DIN 5 Pin Female audio signal.

    3)effectively shield EMI / RFI interference, filter out high-frequency noise interference, restore a real natural sound.

    4)Widely applicable to all kinds of MIDI device connections: keyboard, electric piano and guitar MIDI electronic Musical Instruments

  • 5 Pin Din Male to Female Cable

    Keyboard MIDI 5 Pin Din male to female Extension Cable

    1) Elation Professional Extension Cable for Antari Remote Control with 5-pin DIN Connector
    2)Full braid shield provides maximum protection against EMI/RFI
    3)All lines wired straight through for typical applications.
    4)Premium DIN connectors provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles

  • 5P MIDI Din Plug to Dual Female Jack Y Splitter CableMidi Din 5 pin audio cable

    Midi Din 5 pin male to dual female extension audio Cable

    1)DIN Male Split to 2 Female – 1 x MIDI DIN 5 Pin Male audio singal to Dual 2 x MIDI DIN 5 Pin Female audio signal

    2)Nickel-plated contacts for rugged durability and efficient signal transfer

    3)High grade PVC cable jacket and over mold for excellent strain relief

    4)Connect your PC or controller with an AT or MIDI keyboard instantly such as:Works with mixers, keyboards, recording devices, microphones, drum pads, and other musical instruments.

    5)Straight-thru wiring (i.e. pin 1 to pin 1) per industry standards

  • 4X3.5MM male to 5 pin Din male audio Adapter Cable

    Midi Din 5 pin Plug to 4 X 3.5MM stereo splitter Cable

    1)Connector: 5-Pin DIN-Male to 4 *3.5mm male cable
    2)Material: Flexible but durable PVC jacket, Nickel Plated Shielded
    3)Ideal for connecting any European type stereo equipment with Din 5 Connection.
    4)Suitable for MIDI interconnections, Din cables are most commonly used for Midi Audio equipment such as keyboards and stereos.
    5)Perfect for connecting a mobile phone or any other device with a standard 3.5mm stereo output into a 5 pin din input.

  • 5 Pin Din Male to Dual 3.5mm Male MIDI din splitter CableMIDI Din 5 Pin Plug To 2 x 3.5mm 1/8" Male Mono Cable

    MIDI Din 5 Pin to 2 x 3.5mm TRS Mono Audio Cable

    1)Connectors A: Metal 5-pin Din male plug , Connectors B: – Metal 2 Dual 3.5mm TRS Audio male on other end.

    2) Audio equipment for connecting 2 Dual 3.5mm TRS Audio interface audio equipment to the old DIN interface for perfect sound quality

    3) Cable engineered with molded strain relief connectors for durability and grip treads for easy plugging and unplugging.

    4) Flexible but durable PVC jacket.

  • 3.5mm stereo jack female to 5-pin DIN plug Cable

    Midi Din 5 pin to 3.5mm audio jack female Cable

    1)3.5mm mini jack female to DIN cable for connecting audio devices

    2)Ideal for use with MIDI and vintage audio equipment

    3)All lines wired straight through for typical applications.

    4)Premium DIN connectors provide reliable connections with repeated mating cycles

  • MIDI DIN 5 Pin Male to 1/4" TRS 6.35mm Female Cable6.35mm stereo Audio to 5 pin Mini Din cable

    Midi Din 5 pin to 6.35mm TRS Stereo Audio Cable

    1)MIDI DIN Split to 6.35mm Adapter

    2)MIDI DIN 5 Pin audio signal to 6.35mm Female audio signal.

    3)Applies to: 6.35mm interface Professional audio microphone connection MIDI interface

    4)Connected to Naim, Quad CD player or any other continent, VCR, DVD, Iphone, computer, MP3 / MP4 or LD has Din 5 Connection stereo equipment.

  • Male 3.5mm TRS to Female 5 pin DIN Cable5 pin Midi Din to 3.5mm audio cable

    TRS 3.5mm Stereo Audio to 5 pin din midi adapter Cable

    1)Female 5 pin DIN (standard MIDI) connector.

    2)Male 3.5mm TRS (headphone) right angle plug.

    3)Wiring: pin 4 to tip, pin 2 to sleeve, pin 5 to ring

    4)Compatible with 1010Music: MX4, Compatible with Arturia: Beatstep Pro & Keystep, Compatible with Novation: Circuit & Launchpad Pro

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