SATA Adapter

  • SATA 15P Male to Molex 4P Female AdapterSATA 15 Pin to 4 Pin Molex Gender Changer Adapter

    15 Pin SATA male to 4-pin Molex Power Adapter

    1)15 Pin Male SATA to standard 4 Pin Molex Female Socket Power plug adapter converter

    2)15 Way SATA Male to LP4 Molex Female

    3)Ideal for adding older devices to a newer SATA equipped computer.

    3)Connect to a 15-pin SATA power connector and power any device that requires a 4-pin Molex connector

  • 2.5in SATA 22 pin to 1.8 in Micro SATA 16 pin 3.3V Adapter16P SATA TO 22P SATA adapter

    2.5in SATA 22 pin to 1.8 in Micro SATA 16 pin 3.3V Adapter

    1)SATA 22Pin Female side plug in SATA 2.5” HDD, Micro Sata 16Pin Male side connect to Cable (USB to Micro SATA 16 female Cable) or (Power eSATA to Micro SATA 16Pin female Cable),

    2)If you have a Cable (USB or Power Esata to Micro Sata 16pin female Cable), you can convert with this adapter & connect to SATA 22Pin HDD

    3)SATA 22pin which with 15Pin for power, 7Pin for data transfer

    4)fit Toshiba MK1216GSG/ MK1235GSL/ MK1629GSG and fit ALL 1.8″ micro sata HDD/SSD to 2.5″ sata HDD/SSD Interface

  • SATA male to ESATA female HDD Hard Drive Adapter7 pin SATA to esata adapter

    6 Gbps 7 pin SATA Male to eSATA Female Adapter

    1)SATA 7P to eSATA 7P extension convertor adapter

    2)Used to convert the SATA cable to Esata Cable

    3)Transferring data from one drive to another at speeds up to 6 Gbps

    3)For SSD and 2.5” SATA Hard Drive (doesn’t work with 3.5” SATA HDD)

  • 16 pin Micro SATA to 22 pin SATA adapterMicro SATA 16pin Female to 22pin Male SATA Adapter

    7+15 SATA 22Pin male to Micro SATA 16Pin female Adapter

    1)Connects a 1.8 in. SATA drive to a SATA data/power connection

    2)Supports 5 V and 3.3 V drives

    3)Meets current SATA 2.6 revision specifications

    4)SATA22PIN board side to the Micro SATA16PIN line side 1.8 hard drive to SATA hard disk interface

    5)SATA22PIN turn the Micro SATA16PIN 1.8 hard drive to SATA hard disk interface

  • SATA slim 13 pin to SATA 22 pin Adapter

    7+6 13Pin Slimline SATA Male to 22 Pin SATA Female Adapter

    1)SATA 22 pin 22P female to ODD Slimline 13 Pin male CD-ROM Adapter

    2)Power is drawn through a power supply SATA power connector, combining both data and power into the optical drive Slimline SATA connection

    3)Connects your CD/DVD driver with standard 22pin SATA port to 13pin slim SATA

    4)Compliant standards: RoHS

  • SATA 22 Pin Male to 22 Pin Female down Angle Adapter22 pin down angel sata adapter

    Convertor 22Pin SATA Down Angle Male to Female Adapter

    1)Material: gold-plated terminal+ environmentally friendly PVC

    2)Connector A: SATA 22Pin Male, Connector B: SATA 22Pin Female

    3)Applicable to hard disk port extension;

    4)Plug and play, easy to operate;

  • SATA 22 Pin Male to Female Adapter

    HDD 7+15 pin SATA 22Pin male to female Adapter

    1)SATA 22 Pin to 7 Pin + 15 Pin Male to Female SATA Hard Disk Drive Raid Adapter with 15 Pin Power Port

    2)SATA 22Pin Male to Female adapter, Use to protect your 2.5” HDD port from damage.

    3)SATA 22pin which 15Pin for power, 7Pin for data transfer.Please note that this is sata to sata cable.

    4)Compatible with 2.5”/3.5” HDD & some of the 1.8” SSD.Please note the size.

  • 13P SATA to 22P SATA converter22P SATA to 13P Slim SATA Cable

    Serial ATA 7+15 22pin SATA To Slimline13pin SATA Adapter

    1)Connect can converter with SATA 13pin cable

    2) Connector 1: 22-pin SATA connector (male)

    3)Connector 2: 7+6-pin Slim SATA connector (female)

    4)Material: gold-plated terminals; Environmental protection PVC

    5)Connect your CD / DVD drive with standard SATA 22 pin interface to 13 pin Slim SATA.

  • Up Angled SATA 22Pin 7+15 Male to Female Convertor

    up angle SATA 22 Pin Male to 22 Pin Female Adapter

    1)22-pin (15 pin Power and 7 pin DATA) SATA data and power combo adapter

    2)Great for backplane adapter and SATA Internal to External extension Usage

    3)Compatible with SATA I/II/III, up to 6Gbps

    4)Screw-holes for securing adapter